Anniversary and a new look for Boundary Vision (aka where did Begley go?)

Last month, I celebrated one year of blogging here at Boundary Vision. I’ve had a wonderful year exploring science and science education issues. In celebration, I’ve made some improvements around the place. First, the site has a new domain name The old WordPress address still works, but if you share the site with anyone you can now use the new address. If you like the changes, and the blog in general, you can now also follow Boundary Vision on Facebook. Of course, you can always find me as @mcshanahan on Twitter and follow my notebook of historical science education materials at The Distillation Chamber on Tumblr.

The much more exciting change is the new header and design. Tony Dubroy, an artist and musician from Vancouver (and  my very talented brother), has designed the new image highlighting the opportunity to shine a light on the places where science, education and culture share boundaries. You can find more of his work at his photographic blog Surfing on Heroin.

The big question you’re probably asking is: what happened to Begley, the sweet dog whose picture was the main image for this site for most of its first year? Begley is still enjoying his luxurious life of walks in the river valley and days spent on the couch but is retiring as Boundary Vision mascot. Just so he isn’t forgotten, here is his photo one more time.

Begley on the boundary.

Why did I have a dog in my header image?

That is my dog Begley. I didn’t just choose the image because I think he’s cute (though I do hold the biased opinion that he is very cute). The photo was taken at Darnley beach in Prince Edward Island and shows Begley looking over a stretch of brackish water that runs from the marshlands into the ocean. It seemed to me to symbolize the intent of this blog. Begley is alert and attentive, with ocean in the background, land and fresh water in the foreground and a changing mixed thread of water woven between them. He is on the boundary.


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